About Me

Hello lovely friends, here is a bit about myself and my life.

My name is Angela Kezar and I am 23 years old.


 I am married to my very best friend, Blake, who is the most handsome, incredible man I’ve ever known.  We were married three years ago in a little white chapel on the river bank.  That day was the best day of my life, and I love each and every moment I get to spend with him.

 We live in Boise, Idaho with our two dogs, Bane and Maya.  We can’t wait for the special day to come when we start to welcome little Kezar’s into our life.  We both love this family of ours more than anything in the world.

One of our favorite things to do is to entertain with friends and family.  Whether that is an evening boating on the lake in the summer, sitting around a fire on a chilly fall evening, or a formal dinner, we love having people over for good music, good food, and great memories.  I love making these events special any way that I can.  Sometimes that means dressing to the nines and creating a gourmet dinner, sometimes that means throwing on a sweater and sitting in fold up chairs on our patio.  In any case, I will share my ideas with you here.

This blog is about my life, family, entertaining at home, decor and fashion and all things lovely, and taking a step back to notice the grandness and greatness of the world that surrounds me!  I created this blog to inspire others as much as others have inspired me.  I love follower’s comments so feel free to share!  Thank you for following!

Always feel free to email me at angelakezar@gmail.com.