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Do you ever just get so many ideas going that there is no way to realistically even get to all of them?!  I do that ALL the time!  It actually drives me crazy!  Because I get so excited about all of the ideas, then realize I have no time to do them and that before I decide to build my own pergola I should probably fold the laundry or finish the vacuuming I started yesterday!  Ah – it is such a blessing and a curse to have a mind filled with ideas.  I thought it might be fun for me to post some of the ones that keep coming up in my mind and that I really would love to get to!  (When I finish the dishes, ha!)

  1. Put posts on the corners of my deck and put up string lights!  It would feel so dreamy out there, and I love evenings outside, this would make them even better!
  2. Paint my house.  The inside of our house is mostly painted but we’ve never done anything with the kitchen and I am realllllly wanting a fresh coat of paint in here!  Also, earlier this summer I painted some window boxes on the front of our house black, and I’m pretty sure I want to paint the outside window trims black too!  I imagine it would look so great with my dreamy patio lights!
  3. Make a pin board.  Okay, this one I am actually making a bit of progress on!  With Theodore in our lives now I take more pictures than ever and I want to put them all up somewhere but with as quickly as he is growing, and as many pictures as I take of all this growing, I want to be able to change them out easily.  In comes my DIY pottery barn copy cat pin board.  I have this giant frame (literally like 4ft x 5 ft) that my mom and I got at an art store for $5 years ago because it is cracked and I’ve never had a perfect use for it.  Until now, of course!  I ordered cork on amazon and it came in much thinner than I anticipated so I’m thinking I will put some foam board or something behind it for thickness, but then I want to cover it with linen and put it in the frame!  Cover it with pictures of my handsome little buddy and I will be so happy with it!
  4. Refinish a dresser.  Thinking of maybe trying some Pinterest Annie Sloan chalk paint ideas??
  5. Wood counter top over my washer and dryer.  I found a post someone did where they made this gorgeous wooden counter for their laundry room and it was totally doable DIY!  I am not terribly handy, but love to make things, so simple and good instructions are always great for me!
  6. Cut flower garden.  I know it’s way too late in the season this year to do this one, but maybe I’ll shoot for it next year!  I read this amazing, gorgeous, inspiring book by Floret Farms on how to plant flowers for cutting and how to arrange them for stunning bouquets.  Down the road I would love to be able to have fresh flowers from my own garden!

Well that’s it for today.  Now I’m off to finish cleaning up the house to enjoy a weekend “off” with my loves enjoying the 4th of July!  Have a great weekend!

xo Angela


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