That sunset glow

Ah, these pictures are my absolute favorite lately! That glows, dreamy sunset makes my heart so happy! I have been playing around with light in my photos and absolutely love how the pictures are coming out! 

Theodore update! He has been so. much. fun. these days.  He loves everything new and gets the biggest smile every time I look at him! I can be cleaning or cooking while he plays and if I just glance over he lights up with that big cheesy grin! Oh I about melt every time, is there anything better!? He’s finally eating more foods and still loves music and beats. While on our trip to the Biltmore Estate, we were at breakfast and I was standing just outside the restaurant desperately trying to rock him to sleep. I was patting his bum to a rhythm, I guess, as I kind of bounced him and he was just not wanting to sleep! Then he looks up at me and starts patting me on my back at the same rhythm as my pats! Haha, hard to explain but it was so funny! He was definitely not about to relax and take a nap for me.  Have a great week!

Xo Angela 

IG: angelakezar


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