Poor Baby

Poor little guy! Theodore has been so sad the last couple days and it is so out of character for him! Normally he is all smiles and giggles and energy, but lately he is just wanting snuggles, sleep and more snuggles. I am, of course, totally game for snuggling all day, but it breaks my heart seeing him sad! I am wondering if it might be teething or a growth spurt or maybe a bit of a bug. Either way, it’s meant that we’ve spent our days cozy at home. It’s given me time to just put the thechnology down and give him my undivided attention which is so precious and special to me. I love when he is relaxed and will look at me and make the softest, sweetest little sounds. I will have to try to record them and share on my InstaStory.  Or maybe I’ll just keep those moments all to myself! 😉. I hope you are all off to a great week. 

Xox Angela


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