Happy Monday

Happy Monday friends!

First of all, thank you so much to each and every one of you who reads these posts, follows on Instagram and leaves comments! I love hearing from you as I share our stories!

We had a really great weekend, Blake was off of work on Sunday so we had a very lazy, at home kind of day. After church we snuggled into lounge clothes with Ed Sheerans new album in the background. It was so nice to relax together and especially to watch Theodore just love sitting with his Dad, laughing and make gurgle noises.  We are starting Teddy on foods a little bit but trying to take a relaxed approach to it. I read that up to a year babies are still getting most of their nutrition from milk and adding foods is really more about introducing new textures and flavors. So we started over the weekend on avocado, which I just cut a piece of and put in his mesh feeder and let him chomp on it. He liked to play with it, but anytime he’d get any in his mouth he would do that typical, but oh-so-cute “yucky” face! We kept up with avocado for a few days and he seems to like it maybe a little bit better, and today we’re going to try some sweet potato or banana!  I would love to hear how your babies reacted to their first foods and how you started them! 

Have a great week!

xox Angela


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