Weekend in Washington

My grandpa turned eighty years old last month!  He is such a kind, special person and I love visiting him and especially bringing Theodore to spend time with his great grandpa!  My sister, Katie, really wanted to have some time with our grandpa during her stay, so last minute we booked flights to spend the weekend with him!  It was so nice!  We spent most the weekend overlooking the ocean and Canada from his mountain ridge home in Port Angeles. He has this beautiful great room with a whole wall of windows overlooking the view where we would sit and visit.  We had both babies there so we would prop them up on the couch facing each other and let them watch and talk to one another!  It was adorable and hilarious!  At one point, my dad and grandpa were watching both boys while Katie and I went out on a walk to stretch our legs.  My grandpa had stepped out of the room and the boys were propped facing each other, babbling and playing with teethers.  My grandpa came back into the room but he walked in around the back of Teddy and sat down in a chair near him.  Theodore caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of his eye, turned to look and jumped with surprise to see my grandpa, as if he’d come out of no where! My grandpa and dad swear it was one of the funniest things they’ve seen a baby do, let alone our often serious Theodore!  I love this phase he is in, observing and noticing things around him!  His biggest interest lately is watching our dogs walk around and chase balls.  He gets a big huge grin when one of them walks up to him!

I hope everyone enjoyed a great weekend!  Would love to hear all about it!  Follow on Instagram to see our day to day!  It seems to get more interesting everyday!

xox Angela


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