Nursing Days

Nursing hoodie: Figure 8 Maternity Nursing bra: Bravado at Figure 8 Pumping bra attachment: Bravado at Figure 8

I hope you all had a wonderful, fun weekend, and a great Valentine’s week filled with lots of love! I smothered my boys with kisses all day and Blake spoiled me, filling our home with the biggest beautiful yellow roses, taking me out to our favorite restaurant in a fun black dress, chocolate souffle for dessert and time just the two of us.

It is starting to warm up some here, and that means highs of 50*, but warm enough to allow us to go on a few walks which we have been enjoying as often as we can! Aside from that, our days are spent cuddling and playing and of course nursing! I am still nursing Theodore full time until he starts solids in a few weeks so I have two of my favorite nursing items to share with you today, both from Figure 8 Maternity! One is this hoodie which I am in love with and you have seen a number of times on my Instagram! It is cozy and cute and allows me to nurse so easily, the “V” shape in the front has a panel underneath it that you can just slide over to use! The other is this pumping attachment that snaps into your (Bravado) nursing bra so that you can pump hands free!  I have always had a hard time with pumping, and thought it was so much work! This little bra front actually holds the pump in place which means I can bounce Theodore who inevitably gets fussy as soon as he sees me pumping.  I guess someone gets jealous!

I have loved breastfeeding and hope to continue it with Teddy for some time, but here in the next week we are going to start introducing some solids! Mamas out there, what did you start your babies on and how did you make the transition to adding in solids?! I would love to know your secrets! Share with me here or on Instagram!

xox Angela


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