Hawaii and Travels With Babe

Hawaii was an absolute dream!! Ah, I SO wish we could go back! Especially looking out the window at my trees all covered in snow that’s been coming down for days straight!  If I close my eyes, I am back in a cabana by the pool with a pina colada in hand, my love closing his eyes in the lounger beside me and our baby squirming and smiling in nothing but his little swim shorts!   My husband’s work took us on this trip as a celebration of his success and they went over the top!  Every day was something new, a convertible mustang to tour the island, dinner and a luau, champagne and strawberries surprising us in our room, astronomers at dinner to show us the stars, it went on, every single day! Even down to a knock on our door the morning after getting home, with a  delivery of the most beautiful, fragrant flowers picked from the mountainside in Maui and sent to us overnight.  We were spoiled.  And boy does my husband deserve it!  He works so hard, sun-up to sun down for us so that we can be blessed with the amazing, fun life we have!  We knew the trip was coming up while I was still pregnant and we really didn’t know what to expect traveling clear across the ocean with a two month old, but I would do it over and over again!

I actually think traveling with him went pretty smooth!  At that age, he was super content to just hang out on my lap as we flew.  I took my doctor’s advice and made sure he was either nursing or on his pacifier during take off and landing.  During the flights he was happy to snuggle, play, sleep, eat, repeat.  Getting through the airports was the more challenging part.  We checked as much luggage as we could and ended up with Theodore’s stroller, my cross-body purse and his diaper bag.  Thankfully, with a baby you get to board first which is so helpful in getting the stroller broken down and all three of us situated on the plane.

I will be going on another short weekend trip this weekend and the things I think were most important for traveling with an infant were these:

  • check as much as possible
  • make sure to have a pacifier clip if your baby uses one
  • carry a cross body purse thats out of the way but easy to get to for essentials – boarding pass, phone, money
  • try to keep baby on his schedule for eating and sleeping
  • before you leave, find recordings of jet airplane white noise and play it as baby falls asleep.  We did this and as soon as the jets would start, Theodore would nod off and sleep most the flight
  • prep for any time change ahead of time, for Hawaii we split the three hour difference so he started going to bed an hour and a half early before we left so he would somewhat stay on his routine
  • let them snuggle up with a familiar blanket or something from home
  • enjoy the experience!  This is the most important!  Traveling with a baby is completely different than it was pre-baby, but they make the trip a million times more fun!  Having those memories are so special and I will always cherish them!

It was such a fun first family trip!  The island was perfect, the resort perfect, the food, drinks, sunshine, company, pools, beach.  All of it perfect!  Welcome to the New Year!  I’m so excited for the best year yet!

xoxox Angela


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