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Our baby boy has been here for three months! Wow, where has the time gone!  I know everyone says that, but really, it has absolutely flown by!  It seems like just yesterday I was taking my big belly out on daily walks trying to go in to labor to finally meet our little love, and staring into his perfect little bassinet dreaming of what he’d look like.  Now his big, adorable smile greets me every morning.  I truly couldn’t imagine a better life!  Don’t get me wrong, we have definitely have tougher days, days where he cries, days where I cry, but the majority of our days are spent cuddling, giggling, nursing, rocking and doing just about anything to get him to smile.

What Theodore Loves:

Nursing.  That is his number one favorite thing, it can always make him happy and he’s been a pro with it since day one!  Our little guy is more of a morning person right now, he wakes up and gives us big, perfect, gummy smiles every morning.  I look so forward to them every day! Every evening (or most anyways) we do a bath before bed and he really enjoys those now!  It took him some getting used to but now he has a blast kicking his little legs. He also has just started really enjoying talking to his reflection in the baby mirror on his playmat, and watching me do yoga from his swing.  He lights up when he sees Blake and gets big, cheesy smiles but he definitely loves to keep his eyes on mama!  It cracks us up that in every picture he is looking right at me!  I know there will be a day when he realizes dad is way funnier than I am, so I will enjoy my mama’s boy while it lasts!

The Last Three Months:

It is amazing how much I have learned over the last three months with our sweet Teddy!  Every day there is something new, or something I figure out just a bit more.  I wonder if that will continue on and on as we raise our family?  From the day he was born I have definitely loved being in “mama” mode!  We spend every day doing laundry, trying to keep up on the house and the dogs, cooking, and playing.  I try to do some type of workout most days.  Once I was cleared by my doctor at about a month, I started a post-partum routine at home for a few weeks.  Once I felt my body could handle it, I really pushed myself to get in shape for our Hawaii trip (post on that coming soon!) and did the Beachbody 21-day fix.  I did adjust my “diet” to just be (mostly) healthy foods, but with plenty of calories for breastfeeding!  I still work out nearly every day and am currently doing a three week yoga “retreat”.   I think its helpful to switch to something a little easier during the holidays so I don’t just give up on days I’m extra tired or busy.  I am loving this yoga program!  By the way, I do all of my workouts at home, mostly through beachbody on demand.  I am not a coach or affiliated in any way with them but really do love their programs!  Back to the last few months, we are working toward more of a schedule but it is amazing to me how much easier that is said than done!  I try to take it day by day and soak up all the amazing little changes I see in Theodore!  I probably take twenty pictures a day.. at least!  But I just can’t help it, he is way too cute!  I am sure every mom feels this way, but whenever I look at him I am completely in LOVE!  Even in the last three months he’s gone from delicate, sleepy newborn to my squirmy, squishy, smily little bear.  Every couple of weeks I think “this just keeps getting better and better”!  Mamas, does it just continue to get better and better?  I can’t wait!

What we are looking forward to in the next three months:

I can hardly imagine what the next three months are going to bring for us.  We will celebrate the holidays and welcome in the new year!  We will be inching toward six months old, HALF A YEAR!  I can’t even think about that!  It makes me want to go squeeze my snuggly, squishy, pouty-lips, sleeping little babe while he’s still this little!  I am so thankful and blessed to be able to spend my days at home, taking care of him, and that I really do get to soak up every second watching him grow.  We are so excited for all the little milestones, I know Blake is especially excited for him to continue to become more and more interactive and playful!  Every day is new, and every day he gets a little bigger, a little stronger, and a little smarter.

If there is one thing I have taken away from our first three months with Theodore is that there is no greater blessing than that of a child.  There’s no more endless love than the love you have for your baby.  There’s nothing in the world more interesting, exciting, and blessed than watching our little man grow!  Thank you all for following along and I can’t wait to share more!

Much love! xox Angela




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