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angela kezar, one contessa

angela kezar, one contessa

Hey guys, today I’m sharing a new, FUN gifting concept from Figure 8 Maternity! They have come up with the sweetest gift boxes for new and expecting mamas out there! Their gifts are designed for baby showers but are perfectly curated and would be such a fun, easy, thoughtful last minute Christmas gift!

What they are, is a precious box filled with different items for mama! There are ten to choose from and each box has a different theme and a different price point! Below are some of my favorite boxes filled with items I own and love.  I think they would be such a perfect way to celebrate mama and her new baby!  We are down to the final minutes of Christmas shopping and these are special and sweet to give now or at the next baby shower you’re invited to! I also love that along with having fun products in them they would feel so beautiful to open! You know I am such a “presentation” person and love that these are a complete, beautiful gift!

angela kezar, one contessaBreastfeeding Babe Deluxe – “A Shower Box for Moms who breastfeed anytime, anywhere.  A perfect baby shower gift for moms who know they’ll be breastfeeding their new little one. Moms will love that you thought of them as well as their baby!” – This has literally all of my must haves for anyone planning on breastfeeding their babe!  The shirt included fits great (and makes nursing so easy!), their nursing pads are nice and super cute, and I literally lived on breastfeeding cookies and nipple cream my first few weeks post-partum!

angela kezar, one contessaFashionista – “A Shower Box for the stylish nursing mom.  A perfect baby shower gift for moms who love to be fashionable and want to keep their baby nourished anytime, anywhere.” Again, I LOVE these products, and the nursing dresses are amazing! I wear mine every week for church!

angela kezar, one contessaPush Shower Box -“A Shower Box to make delivery day extra special.  A perfect baby shower gift for moms to use on their big day.” – I SO wish I had this box on our big day, it is filled with everything to make delivery day and the hospital stay feel special and beautiful!

Along with my favorites they have seven more, from their “great-expectations” which is maternity must haves to their “dream-catcher” which is pjs and cozy comforts to their “nature-lover” which is all natural and organic!  I would love to hear which are your favorites! See all of the boxes here.

Xo Angela

P.S. Merry Christmas week!!

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