Thanksgiving 2016

angela kezar, one contessa

angela kezar, one contessa

angela kezar, one contessa

angela kezar, one contessa

angela kezar, one contessa
angela kezar, one contessa

angela kezar, one contessa

angela kezar, one contessa

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This time last year we were just praying for a baby and this year God not only gave us A baby but he gave us our Theodore, perfectly designed for us and we’re perfectly designed for him.  I couldn’t imagine anything to be more thankful for than that.

Last year at Thanksgiving I wrote this post about how much I adore the amazing ladies in my life and it still holds so true!  I am so blessed to have the very best, most beautiful (inside and out) friends and sisters!  I’d love to start writing a special “thankful” post each year, so that I can go back and see what was held the most special to me throughout the years as they go.  Here is my list for 2016:

-Blake and his desire and ability to provide for us.  He is such a great dad, it overflows my heart watching him with Theodore

-When Blake gets home from work late, if Theodore’s already asleep, the way he’ll lean into the bassinet to kiss him good night

-Theodore and his precious smiles.  I literally love him to pieces in every single way.  There’s not a cry he could make that would take an ounce of my love away.

-The way Theodore smiles when he sees Blake, there is nothing better

-Date nights with my love, even if that is ice cream and a movie at home after Teddy’s asleep

-My family, on both sides, and how much they care for us and for Teddy

-Our home, I pray that it is always warm and welcoming

-Getting to stay home with Teddy, it is a blessing

-Katie, my sister, best friend, and the only family member who lives out of town, coming to visit in three short weeks and stay with her baby for a month!!

-Good health for our family

-Beautiful music to listen to every day

-Social media to share all of our experiences and enjoy the experiences of those we care about

-Church and our faith

-Friends and the happiness they brings us

We are so blessed in so many ways, and I am truly grateful for so much in our lives!  In fact, it is hard to think of anything negative after soaking up and writing out the things I am thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!  What are you most thankful for this year?

If you want to find happiness, find gratitude


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