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Gold Top – White House Black Market Necklace – White House Black Market

This last week I noticed that a lot of my clothes are starting to look a little tight or small on me!  A lot of maternity clothes are just a touch too big still so I went and got a few “in between” things, all with long hems and flowy fabrics to flatter the bump.  The link to the gold shirt is up above, and I also got this pink tunic, and this black one that I absolutely love!

I have been feeling so thankful lately for everything we have going around us.  Tonight we’re just sitting together listening to live recordings of Little Big Town and Eric Church.  I can’t think of many things more relaxing and heart-filling than sitting cozy, listening to sweet love songs together!  I love nights like this one when everything just feels to have fallen perfectly in place.

Also, Exciting update!! I finally felt our baby move and now I feel him or her kick or roll around almost every day and is has been the special, magical feeling I hoped it would be! It reminded me that it is such an honor to be able to carry this baby! Every little movement is so exciting and special. I try to savor each one and soak it all up while I can! The next big goal is to have Blake feel it! I think that will be so special for him to get to feel his little one moving around for the first time! The other night we were just relaxing and he was rubbing my tummy, and the baby was sleeping, not moving around at all. And then when he stopped and moved his hand away the baby got all squirmy and I felt one twist after the other! I think the little guy or gal woke up wondering why daddy stopped! I wished Blake could have felt it the way I did, and I don’t know if it’s possible, but it was cute that it seems to already somehow know and love having daddy around!!

Hope you all are looking forward to a beautiful weekend!

Xo Angela


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