17 Week Pregnancy Update

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Aw, this baby is so loved already!! Life has been so good lately, and we have been just soaking it up! We spend a lot of time talking about our new little family and getting things ready for him or her to be here! I know my poor blog has not gotten the attention I would love to give it, but I have not forgotten!! We will have some fun before and afters of some of the projects around the house we’ve been working on over here soon. But I also want to share with you a pregnancy update! Time has been flying and I haven’t wanted to miss a second of it! I can’t wait for September to be here to meet our little one, and at the same time I want time to slow down so I can enjoy this entire process, every second of it!!

How far along:
We are into the second trimester at 17, almost 18 weeks! Baby is about 5 inches long and about 5 ounces! So tiny yet so big compared to being the size of a poppyseed not too long ago!

Am I showing:
YES! And I love it! With this being our first we didn’t know when exactly I would start to show. For a while there I could tell, and close friends and family could tell depending on the day, but now my bump is here 24/7 starting from the minute I wake up!

Do we know the gender:
Not yet but we are insistent on finding out! We get to know in exactly two weeks! I can’t wait to find out and I really have NO idea what we’re having! The last two appointments when our doctor has listened to the heartbeat, he has jokingly guessed the gender. The first time he said it was a girl, and this last one he said he’s putting his money on a boy!! Now I really don’t know!! I think either one would be SO fun! A boy would be fun so that we have an older brother for our future kids. I never had a brother and I always thought an older brother would be the best, and Blake is the older brother so that would be super special. I also just picture a little Blake, and that’s just the cutest thing I could ever imagine! A girl though, would be so fun! I think as a mom, having a little mini is so cute and special! And I know Blake would be the sweetest dad to his little girl. Gosh, I really think either one would be the best! And I love that we are completely, entirely equally excited about either one!!
We haven’t decided on if we want to do a gender reveal party or not. If we do, we want to be surprised at it and have Blake’s brother and his girlfriend plan the reveal portion as a total surprise for us! I love the idea of that but I am SO back and forth on if I actually want to do it that way or find out at the ultrasound, just Blake and I! What do I do?!!! Did any of you do one or the other? Advice, recommendations and opinions on this are definitely welcome!

How have I felt:
I actually didn’t know what I expected pregnancy to feel like, but so far I love it! Thankfully I’ve had a super smooth, easy pregnancy so far. I actually can’t really believe it, and sometimes feel a little guilty that is has been such a breeze! I never did get sick during the first trimester and for that I am so thankful! I hate seeing my friends not feeling well during pregnancy – that’s such a bummer! And so far into the second trimester I have lots of energy and have been feeling up for just about everything! I do love going and doing things, knowing we’re bringing our little baby right along with us. It makes everything so much fun! I have also been anxiously waiting to feel the baby move! Then this last Sunday morning we were sitting with my parents when I felt what seemed like a fish squirming, in my tummy!! I know that sounds silly but that’s the closest way I can describe it! For you mamas out there, I’m sure you know the feeling! It was perfect and amazing and I just want to feel it again and again! I’ve been trying and waiting to feel it again but it’s so hard to tell if it’s the baby or just my tummy doing weird things! But that first feeling, and knowing it was the baby, was so special and exciting!!

Any baby purchases:
We bought our first big item last week and it was so fun and exciting! We got this super cute stroller and carrycot by Mamas and Papas that I can’t wait to use! This weekend we went out to visit my parents and I secretly wanted to bring my stroller with us! Haha. I look at it and it makes my heart race thinking about having our little one here in our arms to bring along with us!

xox Angela


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