I just want to take a moment and slow down from all the excitement of summer and be thankful for everything that makes me smile this time of year. 
– My dogs being so tired they fall asleep with their head in my lap
– Floating around the lake on the boat laughing with friends
– Growing fresh herbs on my deck
– Using fresh, homegrown basil in our dinner 
– Kayaking the river
– Mountain bike rides at sunset
– $2 bets at the horse races
– Vacations to the beach
– Seeing my sweet sister in Mexico
– Weddings
– Friends, friends, friends
– Motorcycle rides
– Playing with the pups in the sprinkles and watching them jump around so happy
– Walks in the evenings
– Being tan and tired after long days in the sun
– The feeling of cool air on hot skin
– Riding with the windows down at night
– Drinks on the deck at our house
– Enjoying the long days with the one I love the most!
Sometimes its nice to just take an evening and let my mind soak up all the good things going on.  That’s what summer is all about to me, soaking up all the fun and happiness, breathing it all in!
What are your most precious moments right now?
xoxo Angela

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  1. Awww! I love this list. We haven't been totally enjoying summer yet because the rain in Texas right now is like, never-ending. But when we can we have been going on late night walks and I love it! One of my favorite, favorite parts about summer is that it stays light out longer. And you're reminding me again that I should grow some herbs!

    x. Morgan

  2. I have heard about that crazy rain there! I'm sure that TOTALLY changes the summer feel, haha. Hopefully you still get a little bit of summer! I love the long evenings right now too! And my little herb garden has been so fun! I thought I wouldn't have enough out of just one planter, but I can't even keep up with how fast it grows. Thanks, Morgan, for reading!


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