Blake and I bought these new chairs last week and I am absolutely obsessed!  They are elegant, royal and charming and I have to take a second glance every time I walk past them now because I love them.  
They are made by Amini, which is one of my all time favorite designers.  We have a few other pieces by them and they are all gorgeous.  These chairs are made of Rex rabbit fur on the black, back section which makes it unbelievably soft and all of the hand carved wood details are so precise.  They also spin which makes them addicting to sitting in.  I feel like a princess in them.  They are such a perfect addition to our living room and add just the right amount of seduction!  
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  1. Thank you John,Although expensive, and it does come out of our taxes, traffic lights at busy intersections are critical! The next one needed, hopefully in the near future, is at the intersection of Route 35 and Route 102. I’ve witnessed 2 accidents there, and almost was a part of one. If there was a vote for the next traffic light to be prioritized, this is the location without a doubt!

  2. I watch so many tech shows on youtube such as techno buffalo, solider knows best, tld, cnet, and more. it seems like everyone uses knives or other strange weapons to open up the boxes. An Xacto knife is the way to go guys! try it once, the thing is made to slice shit like this up while fitting perfectly in your hand like a pencil!

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