6 Ideas

Do you ever just get so many ideas going that there is no way to realistically even get to all of them?!  I do that ALL the time!  It actually drives me crazy!  Because I get so excited about all of the ideas, then realize I have no time to do them and that before […]

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That sunset glow

Ah, these pictures are my absolute favorite lately! That glows, dreamy sunset makes my heart so happy! I have been playing around with light in my photos and absolutely love how the pictures are coming out!  Theodore update! He has been so. much. fun. these days.  He loves everything new and gets the biggest smile […]

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Poor Baby

Poor little guy! Theodore has been so sad the last couple days and it is so out of character for him! Normally he is all smiles and giggles and energy, but lately he is just wanting snuggles, sleep and more snuggles. I am, of course, totally game for snuggling all day, but it breaks my […]

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